“Being a Buyer’s Agent is an enormous responsibility; it’s not simply opening doors and scribbling offers. For me, it’s being able to lay my head on my pillow at night knowing that my client bought the right house for the least amount of money and thoroughly enjoyed the process.” 

I’m Roger Daubenmeyer, Buyer Representative.

Like Gwen, (my partner in life, business, and all other things) second-best for me is just unacceptable. I take pride in knowing the market and making sure my customers and clients are the best-informed buyers in Southeast Michigan (or anywhere else for that matter). Making educated decisions are key.

I’ve been a REALTOR for a lot of years and honed many skills over that time, but I’m probably best known for my creativity in negotiating. It’s funny, when buyers interview potential Buyer’s Agents, finding an agent known for their superior negotiation skill is one of the most overlooked qualities, yet it’s the most important part of the transaction.

Your agent’s ability to negotiate will affect your decision on the first of every month for approximately 30 years; every time you make that mortgage payment. This is why I took additional courses to become a Certified Negotiation Expert and honed it for over 20 years now; it sets me apart from the rest. That every client gets the best home for the best price possible, is my win. I love that part.

What’s most important to me is that I want my clients to walk away from the buying experience better educated, having enjoyed the process thoroughly, and owners of exactly the home they wanted.

I believe that buying a home should be a fun and exciting time for our clients. So let’s talk, and along the way, we’ll learn a lot, laugh a lot, and get the keys to your new home.  You belong here.

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