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If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

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"Some agents do just fine working on their own; I did. I was a solo agent for 25 years before deciding I wanted to be on a team. So, why did I? Because “fine” is not enough. I felt burned out, exhausted, and what nobody tells you, real estate is lonely.

While solo agents may continue to do just fine on their own, if their goal is to build a solid referral-based business with a very high level of service, they are likely to join an existing team or create one themselves. The job has become too large for one person. Just look around. Across brands, mega real estate teams dominate the landscape.

Having been both a solo agent and a member of a team, in my experience, the most efficient and effective way to build a solid, full-service real estate business is, without a doubt, to join a team."

- Gwen Daubenmeyer, Broker

Benefits to Joining Our Team

Agents on a team constantly sharpen each other’s skills. They have the opportunity to watch top producing agents in motion, overhear brilliant negotiation strategies, enjoy camaraderie, and get sound advice and support when they need it.

Teams are not a place to start until you go solo. Experienced agents benefit tremendously from being a part of a team. After years of doing everything myself, joining a team was a haven. The administrative support staff and processing systems elevated my service, leading to substantial growth.

Some things experienced agents appreciate are:

Administrative staff frees you from paperwork so you can serve your clients and sell homes

Daily masterminds with top producers to grow your business

Coverage for your clients when you step away

Marketing and advertising resources unaffordable on their own

Less stress as they rest their business in the polished systems a well-organized team has in place

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Are You Ready to Grow Your Business, Elevate Your Skill, and Service to Your Clients?

At kwCollaborative, we're deeply invested in the power of teamwork and support to drive real estate careers forward. We understand that navigating the real estate landscape can be complex, but with the right team by your side, your path to success is clear and direct. Our focus is on the present and future opportunities that our collaborative environment offers to every agent.

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